What is Hothouse?

A Hothouse is a collaborative, customizable workshop technique.

It helps organizations accelerate time-boxed problem solving, decision making, and results-driven outcomes that can be implemented immediately.

CapTech’s Hothouse process incorporates the agile fundamentals of rapid prototyping and “scrum” to create a compressed, iterative approach to product/service development that can be completed within days. A Hothouse shifts organizations into action, efficiently facilitating group problem-solving for timely results.

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Strategic Solutioning

Even the most successful organizations can get stuck on challenges that disrupt productivity and halt forward progress. When you need to tackle large, multifaceted issues in a short amount of time, a Hothouse is a powerful technique for identifying solutions quickly. A Hothouse approach can solidify your competitive edge and open the floodgates for innovative ideas that were trapped behind old processes and enterprise-wide silos.

How Does the Hothouse Process Work?

Organizational challenges can catch employees in a figurative hamster wheel, where the same issues just keep coming around and around. Hothouses significantly compress problem-solving time, shifting companies from the discovery phase to prototype in fewer than two days. The concept is based on three key elements:

  • Brings the right parties together to remove silos and allow teams to ideate solutions.
  • Reserves time to uncover the root cause of issues, then convert them into workable, solvable components.
  • Galvanize employees to act collectively to create real change. Efficient but collaborative, a Hothouse helps groups quickly develop grounded, specific solutions to big-picture, overwhelming challenges.

Client Story

Solving Complex Problems Collaboratively Using Agile Hothouse

A Fortune 500 insurance and investment company wanted to tap into new and innovative ideas coming from their employees. They knew that to do so, they needed a solution to improve their ability to reach across all functions and divisions, partner more effectively with third parties, and roll out product more quickly.

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Matt Kowtna

Matt Kowtna

Managing Director

Matt leads CapTech’s Agile Practice and is a proven, passionate Enterprise Transformation Lead and Agile Practitioner who has successfully led large transformations by effectively applying various agile principles, customized frameworks, and change management practices that meet the specific needs of his clients.

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